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In 1997 Alexey Nechaev, young businessman, founded «Russian Line» Company - the first Direct Sales Company in Russia. At that moment he came across a unique development of Russian scientists - emulsion of perfluorocarbons - that allowed to "catch" oxygen from the air and deliver it to deep skin compartments to regenerate skin. Then he obtained patent for the technology and the story of success began.

First Russian Oxygen Cosmetics appeared in 1998.
In 2001 "Russian Line" was renamed as FABERLIC. The aim of the Company was not only to create quality cosmetics available to millions of customers but also to allow enthusiastic and ambitious people to build their own business in Direct Sales. Less than within 5 years Faberlic got more than 5 millions of delighted customers in Russia and other countries all over the world. All of them trust in quality cosmetics and Faberlic Representatives’ advice.

By 2005 Faberlic achieved a lot: it turned into one of the most dynamic International Cosmetics Company with representations in 15 countries with over 400 000 Representatives and appeared in the 87th line in the Top 100 WWD Beauty Report International Cosmetic Companies.

In 2007 Faberlic celebrated its 10th anniversary. It’s great from the point of view of contemporary history and little if we keep our eyes on the big picture. Due to cooperation with with Nikko-Chemical (Japan laboratory), world famous manufacturer of innovative cosmetic ingredients, a new formula of Oxygen complex - Double respiration - was discovered. Now we can control microcirculation processes in skin.

In 2008 specialists of Faberlic and Cell Biology and Histology Department of Moscow State University discovered a new tool against aging - a unique Rala formula (natural R-Alphalipoic acid) that was introduced in Rala line of anti-age cosmetics. Then Faberlic obtained 2 more patents to use Rala in cosmetics. Within 1 year more than 60 new products were issued. Faberlic was in the 86th line in the Top 100 WWD Beauty Report International Cosmetic Companies already.

Between 2006 and 2009 Faberlic employees planted near 1 000 trees within Project «Green cities» with moto «Trees for cities, oxygen for people». 

In spring 2011 Edelstar and Infinum joined Faberlic, and Sengara - in August 2012. Now one Representative is aware of everything necessary and pleasant for home, beauty and health.

In autumn 2012 Fabelic celebrated its 15th anniversary at Big International Forum.

 Faberlic of today is more than 1 000 products, 30 patents, 700 000 Representatives and more than 5 000 000 consumers all over the world plus 24 countries where Faberlic runs its business and markets products.

The main trend of Faberlic for the next 10 years is to turn the Cosmetics Company into «Modus Vivendi Company». Faberlic enters new markets that are comparable or exceed cosmetics markets. Faberlic conquers new product lines - dishes, children clothes, hosiery, underwear, household and wellness products. In future Faberlic will take over new companies that will make business even more successful and diversify product lines.