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Faberlic is open to all and offers you several options of co-operation. After registration you can select which way to go:

  • Become a VIP-Customer and buy great quality products for your health and beauty and for the comfort of your home with attractive discount of 25%.
  • Build your own profitable business and create your own team by offering Faberlic products to your friends, colleagues and local community and inviting them to join your team. This way, your opportunities are endlessа!


At the very start of your journey with Faberlic your income consists of 2 components:

1. You save your family budget buying everything you need for your health and beauty and for your home with generous discounts.

2. You are recommending the products to your Customers (your friends, colleagues and everyone you know) and receive an instant income - difference between price in a catalogue and Consultant's price.

You can than start expanding your income opportunities by inviting everyone who is interested in additional earnings (like yourself) to join your team. As your Business Group grows, you receive additional discounts and bonuses as per Marketing Plan. Faberlic Business Strategy involves recognition of your achievements and assigning various statuses and qualifications (from Director to General Partner).

The higher your status is - the higher reward and income you get. Becoming a Consultant is easy. You do not need any additional education, experience or special business knowledge. Every step of your way you will receive help and support from your Group Leader (the person who invited you to the Team) and from the Company with additional training sessions, seminars, and motivational trips around the world.